Mickey Rickshaw



Locations change, friends change, scenes change, but we always have a home in song.






With two full length releases under our belt, Home in Song is our most powerful, heartfelt, and impactful album yet. Having formed just over three years ago, we're hitting our stride, and writing as a full band. This album deals with topics ranging from the ebb and flow of the punk scenes that we grew up in, friends living with and battling terminal illness, suicide, broken relationships, all under a politically polarized nation. While all of this sounds like a wicked bummer, it's not our style to sit around and mope about it. The album is littered with positive themes of perseverance and motivation. You know, the "get off your ass and get shit done" attitude. 

Home in Song was written in a collaborative effort by all eight members of Mickey Rickshaw with additional writing from James Reynolds and Douglass Steele III. The album was engineered and produced by Bouncing Souls guitarist and sound engineer, Pete Steinkopf in Asbury Park, New Jersey. 


We were able to self fund the record with our merch sales due to the support of our unbelievably loyal and dedicated fans. The following that we have built for ourselves is the most driving factor in what keeps this band motivated. For example, we made a youtube video in which we tricked one of the members into getting a Slim Jim tattoo (long story, but here's the video), and now anywhere we play in the continental US (or wherever Slim Jims are sold), people throw tubes of gas station spiced meat at us leaving the stage crew completely and utterly confused. Slim Jim won't even answer our emails and wants nothing to do with it. All of this reiterating the fact that when people get into our band, they really get into our band. 

Shows and features

  • 2016, 2017, 2018 - Flogging Molly's Salty Dog Cruise

  • 2017 - Get Shamrocked Fest - Marietta, CA

  • 2017 - Midwest tour with Flatfoot 56

  • 2017 - Headlining tour of Western Germany

  • 2017 - Stoked for Summer Fest - Bouncing Souls, Menzingers, Lucero

  • Been played on Tim Armstrong's SiriusXM Radio show, Tim Timebomb and Friends

  • DyingScene.com's Spotlight Band